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Meet Haven

Haven has been behind the lens for the past 6 years, and creating since early in childhood. What began with a love for capturing landscapes and the natural world, she forged her way shooting portraits and promotion while travelling internationally. Haven is known for whimsical dreamscapes and vibrant portraits crafted to bring out the light in you based on her expertise behind and in front of the camera.

Originally from Wilmington, NC, Haven studied both Geology and Studio Art at the College of Charleston, and split her time between sculpting, painting, and learning about the natural world. Haven began travelling through Central America and Southeast Asia, where photography became her means of creation. Eventually settling for some time in Petaluma, CA gave her access to a backyard wilderness playground. Since 2018, Haven has been travelling throughout India helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals capture their spirit through photo, all while maintaining that spark for the wild places.

Haven currently resides in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur where the desert meets the sea.

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